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Miniature´s value


The value of miniatures depend on seven main factors:

1 - Rarety of the figure: Totica has a great range of rare figures from brands already out of the market. The rarest figure we have in catalog is Atlantic's Adolph Hitler (Totica ref.WG666).

2 - Balance figures/poses:  Ratio between number of figures and number of poses within the same original box. Usualy officers and flag bearers are the most valuable among the group.

3 - Building difficulty: Most of figures are made of one single piece of plastic, however, others have arms, legs, helmets, etc, that one need to build up...

4 - Painting difficulty: Some figures are easier than others to make the paint job.

5 - Number of figures: There are some miniatures piece that have more than one figure on the same diomama base (eg. Mortar and MG teams, cavalry, etc).

6 - Package type: Miniatures can be packed in card boxes for collectors or in simple plastic bags.

7 - Painting Quality: All miniatures are painted with great care. The artist paints since he was ten. Having more than 30 years of experience he applies "Totica's eleven steps scheme" on all painted miniatures.