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British Infantry French Knights American Militia


US Marines Type II German Montain Troops British Infantry German Infantry
US Infantry British Paratroops Luftwaffe Robin Hood
British Infantry Romans Astronauts French Infantry
Guards Colour Party Washington Army US Paratroops RAF
Imperial Guard British Grenadiers French Artillery British Comandos
Japonese Infantry Australian Infantry German Infantry Confederate Artillery
Confederate Infantry German Paratroopers Gurkas 8th Army
Prussian Infantry Russian Infantry Afrika Korps Indians
Wagon Train French Infantry British Cavalry (Hussars) British Infantry
7th Cavalry Union Infantry
Italian Infantry NATO Ground Crew


German Machine Gun Team


7th Cavalry Sioux Camp Sioux - Sitting Bull US Camp
Buffalo Hunt Little Big Horn Apache's Camp Gatling Gun
Kit Carson Stampede Gold Rush Davy Crockett
Seaman Medical Personnel San Marco Comandos Italian Carabinieri Police Machine-Gunners and Mortars Paratroopers Italian Artillery
Greek Life Egyptian Army Pharaoh's Court
US Marines Russian Infantry German Infantry Japonese Infantry Royal Fusiliers
Russian Revolution Hitler - Brown Shirts - SS


First Aid Post


British Infantry Muslims German Infantry US Infantry
British Artillery British Infantry Romans Austrian Infantry
Foreign Legion Afrika Korps Imperial Guard British Paratroops
German Paratroopers Russian Infantry Italian Infantry British Cavalry
British Infantry Confederate Infantry


Roman Catapults Roman Command War Elephants


Union Artillery Union Infantry Confederate Infantry Union Cavalry
Confederate Artillery Confederate Cavalry Chuck Wagon and Prairie Schooner


Union Infantry German Infantry Templars Confederate Infantry
Napolean's Staff Confederate Cavalry Gladiators Union Artillery
Roman Cavalry Romans Gaul Warriors Celtic Cavalry


Italian Knights German Knights


Imperial Army Police Special Forces German Armoured Infantry Austrian Infantry
8th Army German Artillery Austrian Artillery Siberian Riflemen
British Infantry US Paratroopers British Infantry US Marines
Japonese Infantry German Navy German Infantry Prussian Cavalry
Union Infantry


Napolean's Staff The French Army's Camp
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